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Environmental Planning and Management

A core strength area at ERC is environmental planning and management.  ERC realizes that the integration of effective planning and management techniques that are inclusive of sound environmental principles yield the most effective project design and implementation efforts

Information and Communication Technology

ERC has recognized the influence and relevance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to our core work areas.  The addition of website and database development allows us to broaden the effectiveness of our work and enables more seamless and direct creation, dissemination, and modification of valuable information.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Solutions

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an extremely valuable tool for analyzing the spatial relationships that exist between our human environment and the natural features of the world in which we live.ERC is a leader in Tanzania in bringing this technology to managers, planners, educators

Institutional Capacity Building and Training

Institutional capacity building and training is one of ERC’s core work areas.  ERC believes that the development of skill, knowledge and practical on-the-job experience is a critical facet to the success of any organization or institution.

Natural Resource Managemen

Within ERC’s Natural Resource Management core work area, a number of strategic objectives provide the framework and guidance necessary to facilitate successful implementation of consultancy assignments

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We got the tools

Our company is fully equipped with modern tool to insure the success of projects assigned to us.

Certified Experience

The firm was established in 1995, with a certificate of incorporation No. 27042, issued on 14th February, 1995

Competitive Team

ERC is staffed with qualified and experienced professionals to meet the various needs of clients.

Quality Service

We provide quality services to build a network of clients; we hire quality professionals to develop innovative solutions

20+ Years Experience

ERC is a leader in the industry with many years working with different organization both private and government organization.

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We put our customer at the center , therefore our team is ready to support in case of any need arise.

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